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From 2001-2016 Twenty-Four Hours was a literary and culture website, featuring a variety of writers and styles. I took a break for a year, to decide whether or not I wanted to continue. And I do. But we are making a big change.

Twenty-Four Hours is now a small press publisher, and we will publish 1-2 chapbooks per year. Please stay tuned to this website for more information.


Josh Medsker, Publisher


Irreverent. An excellent way of introducing to readers an eclectic assortment of artists who might not be
familiar to many. – The Review Review

A Joy. Music to my eyes.- One Minute Zine Reviews

Bravo! One of the best.- Perfect Sound Forever

Short and Compelling- Slingshot

The interviews were quite good- Readers Guide to the Underground Press



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The New TFH Plan

Good morning, everyone. I’ve been thinking a lot about this, and I’ve decided that in order to do Twenty-Four Hours the way I want to, I have to get creative. I’ll be blunt. I’ve never had the money to do TFH the way I really wanted to, with the distribution I’ve wanted. And as a … Continue reading The New TFH Plan

Mississippi stuntmen by Raymond Nat Turner

   Mississippi stuntmen THANKS to Nina, ”Everybody knows about Mississippi goddamn, Mississippi goddamn!” But who knew about Mississippi stuntmen? Hey Hollywood, get hip, headhunt, Hire stunt men from Mississippi jails, Recruit from backseats of Arkansas police cruisers, Boy Scout, Eagle Scout- like men, prepared to off themselves— wizards using everyday objects; hanging them- selves with … Continue reading Mississippi stuntmen by Raymond Nat Turner

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