About Twenty-Four Hours

tfh logoPRAISE FOR TWENTY-FOUR HOURS Mk I (2001-2016)

Irreverent. An excellent way of introducing to readers an eclectic assortment of artists who might not be
familiar to many. – The Review Review

A Joy. Music to my eyes.- One Minute Zine Reviews

Bravo! One of the best.- Perfect Sound Forever

Short and Compelling- Slingshot

The interviews were quite good- Readers Guide to the Underground Press




From 2001-2016 Twenty-Four Hours was a literary and culture website, featuring a variety of writers and styles. I took a break for a year, to decide whether or not I wanted to continue. And I do. But we are making a big change.

Twenty-Four Hours is now a small press publisher, and we will publish 1-2 chapbooks per year. Please stay tuned to this website for more information.


Josh Medsker, Publisher

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