Mississippi stuntmen by Raymond Nat Turner

   Mississippi stuntmen THANKS to Nina, ”Everybody knows about Mississippi goddamn, Mississippi goddamn!” But who knew about Mississippi stuntmen? Hey Hollywood, get hip, headhunt, Hire stunt men from Mississippi jails, Recruit from backseats of Arkansas police cruisers, Boy Scout, Eagle Scout- like men, prepared to off themselves— wizards using everyday objects; hanging them- selves with […]

Whips, Cossacks and a Flashing Torso by Paul Handley

(this essay previously appeared, in a different version, in The Cossack.) For me, the lasting image of the Winter Olympics is Pussy Riot (PR) getting bullwhipped by Cossacks.  Like most of you, I had to read this twice when I first saw it. They say there are no frontiers left, but apparently these women have […]

The Yikkest Yak by Mike Nagel

         Before Yik Yak we had bathroom stalls. Public restrooms were our original location-based anonymous messaging platform. Taking a shit while writing shit down has been common practice for millennia, since the Roman Empire. There’s an academic term for it. “Latrinalia.” I asked Yik Yak users what percentage of their yaks were written from the […]

July by Kyle Harvey (Book Review)

July (a poem by Kyle Harvey). 36pp. Lithic Press. Lithicpress.com I love the way Kyle Harvey opens up July. He lists off dozens of poets (and also Zapruder) and at the end, calls it “an offering”. That it is. It’s an offering that doesn’t make sense when you first read it, but continue because you are intrigued. One […]

The Near Enough by Michael C. Keith (Book Review)

The Near Enough (Stories) By Michael C. Keith (Cold River Press). 265pp. www.coldriverpress.com Michael Keith writes great short-short stories. There isn’t any particular theme to tie the stories in The Near Enough together. I saw stories about a man who suffers because each of his friends dies one after the other, in the course of a couple […]

The Anti-Selfie Project

We’ve been taking bad selifes of… ourselves. You won’t believe what we did next. THE ANTI-SELFIE PROJECT How to participate: 1) Take a purposefully bad selfie and email to tfhsubmissions@gmail.com 2) Wait for us to give the okay. We will work our magic with it and post it asap. We will be making postcards of […]