Past Projects


Are you tired of selfies? We are. So we decided to create the ANTI-SELFIE. An awkward picture and a pithy quote, together, deflating the narcissistic culture of selfies– printed on a postcard.

Here are 2 of the Anti-Selfies (out of 10 total):

antiselfie steve

antiselfie alex



What people said:

il_570xN.558526619_d7c2The Anonymous Chapbooks are totally metal! – Clive Thompson, WIRED

Great tastes tasting great together in a peanut-butter-chocolate-fairy dust synergy of yay! – Pop Culture Beast’s BLOG ZINE

Fascinating and insightful project – Boston Literary Magazine

I’m not really sure how to respond to this. I’d rather not review it. – An editor who wished to remain anonymous

America and the internet are crazy! And this chapbook proves that to me again! I love it. – A satisfied reader abroad 

The Books:

TFH Anonymous Chapbook 1 (You Are My Anti-Spam Hero)

The book that started all the hubbub! Enter the wild world of online personal information! Buy here.

TFH Anonymous Chapbook 2 (The Use of Travel)

Find the reasons behind the roaming. (sold out! check back soon!).

TFH An0nymous Chapbook 3 (The Time-Travelers Ass and Other Moderately Alaskan Situations)

Are you up for the challenge, cheechako? Buy here.


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